How to install

This package can be installed in a traditional sense or otherwise deployed using Buildout.


Tested with:Python2.6
Dependencies:argparse, requests
% pip install github-collective
% easy_install github-collective

Deploy with Buildout

An example configuration for deployment with buildout could look like this:

parts = github-collective

config = github.cfg
organization = my-organization
admin-user = my-admin-user
password = SECRET
cache = my-organization.cache

recipe = zc.recipe.egg
initialization = sys.argv.extend('--verbose -C ${settings:cache} -c ${settings:config} -o ${settings:organization} -u ${settings:admin-user} -P ${settings:password}'.split(' '))
eggs =

Deploying in this manner will result in bin/github-collective being generated with the relevant options already provided. This means that something calling this script need not provide provide arguments, making its usage easier to manage.